Custom Switchboards:

INCA Control can customise automated control panels to suit your unique system. Whether it be an irrigation, cold water booster,
pressure system, filtration plant or water feature. IP66 enclosure is just the beginning. Special colours and panel construction material
to suit your environment.
Integration is the key to making your system operate seamlessly, with easy configuration to make commissioning fast & simple. Tech support
is available and is only a phone call away. Data logging, trending, remote access & GSM messaging are just a few of the options available.

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Septuplets V.S.D. Irrigation Pressure System Controller

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This Irrigation control panel can control seven VSD pressure pumps with closed loop control (PID)
Cascading pumps on & off as system demand changes. Providing smooth & precise pressure control with
power savingadvantages. 12.1" touch screen with animation & remote access control.

This panel is weatherproof to IP56 with powder coated stainless steel construction. internal inner doors
to each individual section to Form 3B. Complete with power distribution section.

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Diesel Fire Pump Controller

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Diesel fire pump controller custom built to mine specifications.This control panel comes complete with tachometer,
coloured indicating lights & panel meters for battery voltage & current. With supply isolator, manual start & stop
pushbuttons & Auto Start Isolator. 100 Amp starting solenoid as standard requirement. Number markers on all cables.
Engine Over speed protection to shutdown engine.

Loom Wiring is also available to make installation fast & efficient to your diesel engine. Optional loose supply of
low fuel switch, speed probe, engine temperature & oil pressure sender. Pad lockable security to prevent unauthorised
entry or special key option

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12" Tochscreen V.S.D. Irrigation Pressure System Controller
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Fully automated with the latest generation Irrigation & Pressure cascading pumping controls.
Smooth performance using state of the art variable speed drive & graphical 12.1" colour touch screen.
Customisable number of pumps to suit your application from half size pumps mixed with full size pumps.
This provides low & high flow rates for ever changing demands.
Energy efficiency using only the number of pumps needed to meet system requirements.

Near Limitless Monitoring options like pump high temperature, no-flow, loss of prime, low suction
pressure, high discharge pressure & low dam level.
Data logging up to 5000 events with time and date stamping.
Communications options for remote access, text messaging & radio telemetry.
Trending information of system variables plus SD card trending history.

Easy configuration is the key to getting your new system operational A.S.A.P. with PIN password protection.
Inca's technical support is available for site comissioning if required.
Call us today to see how we can help you design your next project.

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Irrigation Pump Controls
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Energy savings are realised through integration of your water source and your water distribution system.
Inca Control's water pump sequencing, dynamic pressure controls and the use of the latest Variable
Frequency Drive technology ensure near perfect water pressure regulation - no matter what the pumping capacity.

From the latest touch screen controllers to the most efficient VSD, Inca Control can combine customised controls
to suit your irrigation control needs including remote access using GSM, ethernet or radio telemetry.

Inca Control offer an easy to use touch screen operator interface with colour LCD display for monitoring alarms, changing
pump sequencing and recording.

This user friendly software package option allows you to monitor and control the pump remotely. System overview, alarm messaging,
trending and system maintenance are just a few of the examples of the features available.
Inca Control can help you design a state-of-the-art pump control and irrigation system to meet your field conditions and needs.